Removing a broken/stale PSC from vCenter System Configuration

Recently, I had a customer who had one of the PSC’s in their cluster lose its database. We are still investigating how this occurred since it was paired to another PSC and this environment is mostly untouched as it is not in production yet.

Thankfully, it is faster to redeploy a new PSC and re-add it to the cluster than analyze a downed PSC for hours on end. If you and your team wish to do investigative work, make sure to pull a support bundle down from the VAMI before doing these steps.

  • Verify none of your vCenters are using the PSC to be removed:
  • If a vCenter is still pointed to the PSC, re-point it to the functional one:
  • Power down the broken PSC
  • SSH into functional PSC and attempt to remove the broken PSC:
  • If you get the error ‘Could not find a host id which maps BROKEN-PSC-FQDN to in Component Manager Failed’, run this command:
  • If completed successfully, you should see the message:

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