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Category: Citrix

Citrix PVS 7.x : No servers available for disk

This error appeared out of the blue on a vDisk maintenance patch day after the scheduled auto-update was set to start. I was given notice by a colleague that the latest vDisk had failed and thus was not updated. Upon further investigation, turns out that when the update VM was set to boot, it pulls an IP from DHCP but is never served a vDisk even though PVS creates the proper maintenance version.

Good news! This fix is about as simple as it gets by only needing a single new key added to the PVS registry on each PVS server.

That’s it, copy/paste that into your GPO’s or SCCM deployments and your PVS maintenance VM’s will boot without issue. No PVS server reboot required!

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Citrix Xen Server 6.x Error: VDI Not Available

Enterprise team shot this issue up to me today which I hadn’t seen before. There was a hung VDI VM in our Xen Server 6.5 farm that refused to boot. Every time it would attempt to power up, it would fail with the error of “VDI Not Available.” Typically this occurs if a VM hangs and is terminated improperly or a host fails. In my case, the host wouldn’t let go of the writecache disk for the VDI VM. Thankfully the fix is relatively easy and doesn’t result in any downtime for the rest of the environment.

  • First SSH into the host holding onto the VM in question
  • Get the UUID of the VM and copy it to your clipboard

  • Check to see if the VM is properly shutdown across the cluster/site

  • Get the VDI disk UUID and copy that to your clipboard

  • Run the reset script packaged with Xen Server
  • And that’s all there is to it. Quick, simple, and effective. If only all solutions were this simple…

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